Tumors can have a myriad of causes.  Tumors are almost always caused by a combination of problems.  One bacterium is not usually the cause of a tumor, but when bacteria get into the cell and neutralize your immune function, you become more susceptible to other toxins in the air and water.  This allows DNA to be damaged and a tumor to form.  Bacteria such as hepatitis B can cause cancer.  Viruses can also cause tumors and cancer, including the human papilloma virus that can result in cervical cancer in women.
Those with a tumor should drink one to four ounces of structured silver liquid a day, sipping the structured silver every hour for the first 4-8 hours.  Drink two ounces a day for the next five days—two tablespoons in the morning and two tablespoons in the night.  Apply topically two to three times a day to the tumor if it is visible.  In addition, you may find an intestinal cleansing daily with milk thistle beneficial.  For more acute problems, drink four ounces one day and sip it every hour the next day.
If cancer runs in the immediate family, two tablespoons of a structured silver in the morning and evening can be used as a preventive method.
Maintaining a diet that is low in fat and sugar, and high in proteins, fiber, fruits and vegetables will also help.  In addition, you want to get at least eight hours of sleep a night.  You’ll also want to take supplements that have immune-enhancing capabilities.  You want to exercise if possible on a daily basis.  I’m not talking strenuous, but just a walking type of exercise to make sure your circulation is good and your body’s immune function is properly working in concert with your lymph system.  You want to neutralize toxins in your air and water using proper filtration in your home.  You want to cleanse the intestines and your blood.  You cleanse the intestines with an intestinal cleanse, you cleanse your liver by using milk thistle on a daily basis in a supplement form, then you cleanse the bloodstream by taking a large amount of antioxidants.  And you want to eliminate as much stress as you possibly can.

– excerpt from the 2014 book “A New Fighting Chance”
by Dr. Gordon Pedersen

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