Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is basically a fungal infection on the skin.  It occurs when we put our feet in shoes and keep them in a warm, moist area where fungus can grow.  The first step to prevention is to wear clean shoes and reduce the amount of time that your foot stays in a moist sock.
Structured silver can be sprayed into your socks or directly on the foot.  Structured silver gel is an even better option in this situation.  It can be applied between the toes to kill any yeast growth.  You can also spray silver into your shoes to kill any bacteria.  In addition to athlete’s foot, fungus can get underneath your toenails.  By soaking your feet for 30 minutes every other day in a structured silver bath, you will kill the toenail fungus and the athlete’s foot.  The fungus will return if you continue to wear shoes or socks that are housing bacteria or fungus.
By killing the bacteria and yeast, structured silver will also remove the odor associated with athlete’s foot.

– excerpt from the 2014 book “A New Fighting Chance”
by Dr. Gordon Pedersen

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