Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver that destroys its function and can be caused by viruses or bacteria.  It is very difficult to treat but structured silver can be used in high doses to be beneficial.  Structured silver liquid can be swallowed 4 ounces a day for the first two weeks, and then swallowed two tablespoons twice a day for the next 3.5 months.  This is a four-month attack on hepatitis.  Gel can be used anywhere there might be contamination or transfer of germs.
Several successful subjects have used the drugs interferon and ribavirin at their lowest prescribed doses in combination with this protocol of structured silver.  The liver numbers were reduced to near normal in one month and back to normal in two months and symptom-free in four months.

– excerpt from the 2014 book “A New Fighting Chance”
by Dr. Gordon Pedersen

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