A virus is a sub-microscopic infectious agent that is unable to grow or reproduce outside a host cell.  We generally fight viruses with antibiotics.  However, antibiotics do not actually destroy the virus.  For many viruses, such as influenza or the bird flu, there are virtually no beneficial drugs or treatment.
Structured silver resonates at a frequency that can actually suppress and contain viral infections by interfering with the duplication and replication of viral infections.  If you can stop a virus from duplicating in the first four hours of infection, you have a good chance of stopping symptoms entirely.
When the herpes virus infects the skin, we call it a canker sore or cold sore.  If you use structured silver within the first four hours of feeling the sore, it will not even erupt.  However, if you don’t get it in the early phases, viral infection will duplicate and become much more difficult to control.  This is why regular, preventive use is so important.
To fight viruses, structured silver can be taken internally as a liquid, topically as a gel, or inhaled to combat sinus problems.  You can expect a noticeable benefit to be felt within the first two hours and significant benefits within the first two days.

– excerpt from the 2014 book “A New Fighting Chance”
by Dr. Gordon Pedersen

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